What is EMC and POW + POS mechanism?

EMC Network

EMC is a blockchain computing power network designed to serve AI applications. Unlike traditional blockchains, EMC incorporates computing power consensus for completing "AI tasks".

The EMC network consists of validator nodes, smart router nodes, and computing power nodes. For more information, please refer to the whitepaper.

POW + POS (Proof of AI Tasks)

  1. The node providers run the node and AI services, executes the node provider command, and registers and binds the node's revenue wallet address.

  2. Use the registered wallet to connect to the EdgeMatrix Node DApp for node staking.

  3. EMC network validator nodes, every 1-2 hours, based on the current online nodes (nodes that reported status in the last 30 minutes), check node status and send an API detection request to EMC Hub.

  4. EMC Hub records every request from validators or API users, saving call results (including executing node, execution status, API credit consumption).

  5. EMC Hub performs a power settlement round every 2 hours based on API call records, recording summarized data for each node successfully called by the API. This data includes consumed credit points and reward weights (algorithm referenced in the white paper).

  6. Node providers, using the registered wallet, connect to the EdgeMatrix Node DApp to real-time query already settled rewards, initiate a reward extraction request -> wait for the node reward contract to synchronize data -> Claim rewards.

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