Edge Matrix Stable Diffusion Sample

This application is based on the EMC network and IC canisters and provides a UI tool for dynamically generating images based on node information and a configured IDL.json file.


The Edge Matrix Stable Diffusion Sample is a tool that utilizes the data generated by EMC network nodes to generate visual representations in the form of images. By leveraging the node information and the provided IDL.json configuration file, this tool enables users to create visually appealing images that depict the data in an intuitive manner.


  • Generates images based on EMC network node data

  • Uses the provided IDL.json configuration file

  • User-friendly UI for interacting with the tool

  • Enables easy visualization and analysis of data from EMC network nodes


  1. Clone the repository: git@github.com:EMCProtocol-dev/EMC-SD.git

  2. Install dependencies: npm install


  1. Configure the IDL.json file according to your requirements.

  2. Start the tool by running the command: npm start

  3. Access the tool through the provided URL in your browser.

  4. Interact with the UI to generate images based on the EMC network node data.


Contributions are welcome! Please fork the repository and submit a pull request with your improvements or bug fixes.


This project is licensed under the MPL-2.0 License.


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