How to join EMC and Earn Rewards? (Testnet)

1. Join the Network

The computing nodes need to join the EMC computing power network and become a part of the network. The node can connect to other nodes in the network and communicate with them.

2. How to Participate

This guide provides essential information for participants, outlining the current priority focus on collaborating with partners through the EdgeMatrix Partner Network (EPN) and how individual node operators can contribute to the testnet.

3. EPN (EdgeMatrix Partner Network) Program

The EMC testnet prioritizes collaboration with partners within the EdgeMatrix Partner Network (EPN). If you belong to a global Internet Data Center (IDC) or computing power center and can provide stable computing power, consider joining the EMC EPN program. For inquiries, please reach out to us on Discord.

4. Individual Nodes

If you are an individual node operator capable of contributing stable computing power to support global AI applications and clients, you can also contact us to join the testnet whitelist on Discord.

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